Mission of Top Trail

Top Trail is the cutting edge GPS based online mileage program for the trail horse and rider. You are eligible to participate in monthly, quarterly, and annual mileage challenges when you record your trail riding activity with your GPS and upload it to your account. Top Trail allows you to see where you rank, create a trail record for you and your horse(s), and earn awards for trail riding!

Top Trail benefits:

  • Ride for lifetime mileage!
  • Compete in sponsored monthly, quarterly, and yearly Top Trail Challenges.
  • Set trail riding goals for yourself and your horse(s).
  • Share photos from the trail and information about each ride.
  • Build your Posse and connect with trail riders from all 50 states.
  • Watch your trail miles add up as you upload your gps data.
  • Horse mileage is transferable in the event new ownership.
  • Each trail uploaded can be public or private—it’s up to you.
  • Choose your membership level: from Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.
  • Much much more!!

Benefits/Level Platinum Gold Silver
$35.00 $25.00 $15.00
Rider Trail Log
Set annual mileage goal
Track lifetime mileage
Eligible for Yearly Top Trail Challenge Awards
Eligible for Top Trail Horse Monthly Challenge Awards
Eligible for Quarterly Top Trail Rider Challenge Awards
Eligible for Premium Member Trail Challenge Awards
Records Transfered to Trail/Breed Association for Trail Mileage Programs*
End of Year Annual Mileage Certificate for Horse or Rider** 2 2 --
Mileage Certificate for Milestones Generated Bi-Annually --
Trail Log for each Horse - Set goals each horse / annual mileage goal --
Top Trail Trailer Decal for New Members and Top Trail Patch for Renewals*** --
Multiple Horses can Participate 3 --
Mileage Rocker Patches for Milestones Achieved.**** -- --
Assign different rider from Posse to horse/ride -- --
Visualization; Graphs and Charts of your mileage goals -- --
Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card
Participating Breed/Trail Asscoiation Only. Check with your association.
Additional certificates are available for purchase at www.toptrailhorse.net.
Additional decals and patches available for purchase at www.toptrailhorse.net.
Rockers available for purchase at www.toptrailhorse.net.

Get Started Tracking Miles with Top Trail

All you need is a Profile and a Horse...

  1. Create your "Open Trail" Profile by using the 'Register Now' link located at the top right of the site.
  2. Complete your profile and add a your photo by selecting 'Preferences' from the pull-down menu next to your name.
  3. Add your favorite horse(s) to your profile by clicking on 'Add a Horse' from your profile page. Enter your horse’s name, photo, short bio, breed, age, etc
    **** IMPORTANT: if you want your miles to count for the Top Trail Horse program, you must check the “Enroll in Top Trail Horse" box when adding your horse to your account. ****
  4. Upload your miles (GPS Tracks = .GPX file generated from your device or app) you must do so under your designated Top Trail horse’s profile or designate your horse via your Trail Log to to be included in Top Trail Horse Challenge.
  5. For more information about uploading and using the website, check out www.toptrailhorse.net.

Create an Open Trail Account and Get Started Today!