Recent Trails in North East Central U.S.

A 4+ Mile Horse Trail Sigel, IL No.32 - Shelby County

Shelby County Horse Trail. A 4-3/4 mile trail ride on 120+ acres located near Sigel, IL.

Ridden Aug 21, 2018
A 1+ Mile Horse Trail Keithsburg, IL No.8 - Mercer County

Mercer County Horse Trail. A 1-5/16 mile trail ride on 26+ acres located near Keithsburg, IL.

Ridden Aug 21, 2018
A 6+ Mile Horse Trail Ovid, MI No.3 - Clinton County

Clinton County Horse Trail. A 6-5/16 mile trail ride on 347+ acres located near Ovid, MI.

Ridden Aug 20, 2018
A 9+ Mile Horse Trail Montgomery, MI - Branch County

Branch County Horse Trail. A 9-7/8 mile trail ride on 1439+ acres located near Montgomery, MI.

Ridden Aug 19, 2018
A 9+ Mile Horse Trail Pinckneyville, IL - Perry County

Perry County Horse Trail. A 9 mile trail ride on 837+ acres located near Pinckneyville, IL.

Ridden Aug 19, 2018
A 11+ Mile Horse Trail Palmyra, WI - Jefferson County

Jefferson County Horse Trail. A 11-3/16 mile trail ride on 1684+ acres located near Palmyra, WI.

Ridden Aug 19, 2018
A 8+ Mile Horse Trail Ontario, WI No.5 - Vernon County

Vernon County Horse Trail. A 8-7/8 mile trail ride on 648+ acres located near Ontario, WI.

Ridden Aug 19, 2018
A 10+ Mile Horse Trail East Liverpool, OH No.6 - Columbiana County

Columbiana County Horse Trail. A 10-13/16 mile trail ride on 956+ acres located near East Liverpool, OH.

Ridden Aug 19, 2018
A 9+ Mile Horse Trail Luzerne, MI No.1 - Oscoda County

Oscoda County Horse Trail. A 9-3/4 mile trail ride on 1312+ acres located near Luzerne, MI.

Ridden Aug 19, 2018

Horseback riders are responsible for assessing their own abilities and their horses' capabilities to determine which trails fit their experience level.