Shannon Chastain - platinum Member 

Member Since: 2014 North West Central Region Trail Miles Ridden: 1,490+
Love Riding and Love my Awesome Haily someday we will be an endurance Decade team! 

Member of MOTDRA Top Trail Challenge

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  • CR AD Hailys Return  Top Trail
    Breed: Arabian Horse
    Trail Miles: 1,482+ 
  • Sierra  Top Trail
    West North Central Region
    Breed: Paint
    Trail Miles: 4+ 
  • Star Fire  Top Trail
    North West Central Region
    Breed: American Paint Horse
    Trail Miles: 5+ 

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  • Don Huston - 2 years ago.

    Hello Shannon, Nice to see that you and Haily are on the trail. My friend Darrell told me about this site so now we are having a mileage battle. Did you get a saddle that you and Haily are happy Read More…

    Shannon Chastain - 2 years ago.

    Hey Don sorry I took so long to get back to you I broke my pelvis and should in August and just got back to ride for the first time today. I think we did finally find the perfect saddle it is a Read More…

    Don Huston - 2 years ago.

    Jeez that's terrible. Was it a horse wreck? Never heard of a Pandora saddle so I will look it up. Google is amazing. Glad you are all healed up and back in the saddle.

    Shannon Chastain - 2 years ago.

    Yes it was a horse wreck. I really like this site!

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Horseback riders are responsible for assessing their own abilities and their horses' capabilities to determine which trails fit their experience level.