Janet C - bronze Member 

Member Since: 2014  Region Trail Miles Ridden: 156+


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  • Miss Fiddlesticks  Top Trail
    Breed: American Quarter Horse
    Trail Miles: 134+ 

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  • Troy Lynn Norris - 3 years ago.


  • Troy Lynn Norris - 3 years ago.

    Hi Janet! Are you going to add your horse? Then he/she gets credit for all those miles too!

    Janet C - 3 years ago.

    I've been too lazy to do it, I'll try to take the time to figure it out : )

    Troy Lynn Norris - 3 years ago.

    It's super easy!! From your profile page there is a link that says, "add a horse" so just click on it and there you go! Then when you upload trails after your horse is added, click your horse's name Read More…

    Janet C - 3 years ago.

    how do I add her to the trails I've already uploaded?

    Troy Lynn Norris - 3 years ago.

    Let me know when you have added your horse to your profile and we will move your trails over to your horse. After that, any trails that you upload in the future--add them to your horse!

A 7+ Mile Trail Cannonville, UT - Garfield County

Garfield County Horse Trail. A 7-3/8 mile riding trail on 763+ acres located near Cannonville, UT.

Ridden Aug 04, 2015
A 14+ Mile Trail Leeds, UT - Washington County

Washington County Horse Trail. A 14-3/4 mile riding trail on 2497+ acres located near Leeds, UT.

Ridden Jan 06, 2015
A 11+ Mile Trail Payson, UT - Utah County

Utah County Horse Trail. A 11-5/8 mile riding trail on 675+ acres located near Payson, UT.

Ridden Jun 28, 2014
A 3+ Mile Trail Brian Head, UT - Iron County

Iron County Horse Trail. A 3-7/16 mile riding trail on 59+ acres located near Brian Head, UT.

Ridden Jun 24, 2014
A 8+ Mile Trail Ogden, UT - Weber County

Weber County Horse Trail. A 8-11/16 mile riding trail on 474+ acres located near Ogden, UT.

Ridden Jun 20, 2014
A 18+ Mile Trail Kanab, UT - Kane County

Kane County Horse Trail. A 18-7/8 mile riding trail on 2354+ acres located near Kanab, UT.

Ridden Jun 19, 2014

Horseback riders are responsible for assessing their own abilities and their horses' capabilities to determine which trails fit their experience level.