Our History

Open Trail started as a small project 5 years ago where I could record and save the trails I ride in the local area... then a few friends had seen what I had and said "We need that!" - So I decided to build a build the brand...

Why Open Trail

"Open Trail" was developed because no other trail site had a way to create interactive trail maps of our favorite riding trails, and most importantly, a way to share them with other riders!

Open Trail's Goal

The history of horseback riding is integral to our history, Open Trail's goal is to provide the largest repository of horse trails in the U.S. - and arm organizations that maintain and advocate for horse trails with essential data to fight for our National Treasures... The Open Trail

Meet the Open Trail Team

J.R. Hull

Actor, horseman, and social media wizard has been riding horses for most of his life and has a passion for riding trail. As the founder of the “Open Trail Project", an online network of horse lovers and riders, connecting people across North America with trail riding opportunities, maps, conditions, and other information, J.R. works tirelessly as an advocate to preserve and keep active one of our national treasures, the open trail. As an actor, J.R. has been enjoying his role as Deputy Weeks in the exciting new western drama television series “Tucker’s War”. In his spare time, he spends as much time as possible on the vast American Trails.

Troy Lynn Norris

Lifelong horse lover, long time trail rider. In 2002 TL began competitive trail and distance riding. Over time she developed an appreciation of the many miles her horse takes her over the trails while conditioning, in competition, and even for simple enjoyment. Top Trail is the beginning of her vision to see trail horses get the recognition they deserve for their skill and work on trail. TL is available for your assistance with Top Trail Horse and always welcomes your suggestions and feedback.